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CubiQuake Released - 04/07/19

CubiQuake is open source GPL 3.0, and set up to be a framework for any cubic world project using the FTE Engine.


Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.463 Released - 01/06/15

Version 1.463 changes:

Bug Fixes:
+ Fixed alpha blending.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper

Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.462 Released - 01/04/15

Version 1.462 changes:

Bug Fixes:
+ Fixed a crash on devices that don't support 24 bit depth buffering.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper

Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.46 Released - 12/26/14

Version 1.46 changes:

+ Added a toggle for 3D blocks (with lighting).

Bug Fixes:
+ Fixed an issue with 100% block size freezing the wallpaper.
+ Fixed incorrect max amount displayed on block amount screen.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper

Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.452 Released - 12/20/14

Version 1.452 changes:

+ Attempt to fix black screen issues.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper

Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.451 Released - 12/18/14

Version 1.451 changes:

+ Block sizes are now relative to screen size as a percentage. All presets will be modified in order to be compliant with the new setting. Users may need to modify any presets they have made to match what they intended, depending on their screen size.
+ Removed touch options for tether delay because they were never intended (and impossible) to be used.
+ Removed some old code that was no longer intended to be used. This may hopefully fix a freeze issue. Please let me know if it persists.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper

Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.45 Released - 12/16/14

Version 1.45 changes:

+ Added physics setting: Tether delay. (The delay after the user is no longer touching the screen before blocks begin to tether.)
+ Added an icon for slider increment buttons.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper

Kinetic Live Wallpaper 1.441 Released - 12/03/14

Version 1.441 changes:

Bug Fixes:
+ Disabled Battery Save mode to avoid issues with some phone accelerometer restarting problems.
+ Disabled a hack that avoids multiple rendering situations on older systems to attempt to solve freezing issues.

Kinetic Live Wallpaper