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R'lyeh City, an open source Quake 1 modification using the Darkplaces Engine, is a role playing game intended to take place in the world of H.P. Lovecraft and the original Quake environment. It is an expansion of the Quake 1 story, inside a randomly generated world with massive size capabilities.

There are no creatures to fight yet, but there is a lot to explore and experiment with.


Change Log

Download (Windows and Linux):

R'lyeh City v0.015a Full
R'lyeh City v0.051a Patch (or Quake Mod)

Windows Installation:

Extract patches into the game's base installation directory: "c:/quake/" or "c:/R'lyeh City (alpha)/"
Run the game with the R'lyeh City batch file. Create a shortcut to this file and place it on your desktop.

R'lyeh City